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Hello Storyteller - Pamela Salai

Hello, I am Pamela Salai, the owner of Pamela Salai Photography in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am a goofy, fun-loving hippie at heart with a gypsy soul. My children, like many of you, were the catalyst of my photography journey. I specialize in sessions that tell a natural yet whimsical story. My family is my everything. I am happily married to my husband of a decade, Dave. We have three delightful and fun-loving children (who I use as my muses from time to time): our son, Brody, and twin girls, Harlow and Gabriella. Being a photographer has allowed me to create a world of fantasy, wonder & magic. I love being able to create work that allows me to live in a world of non-sense. I have been an artist & a dreamer for as long as I can remember, it’s just who I am. I was a hobbyist through high school and continued through my collage years. I have been professionally shooting for 8 years. I absolutely adore capturing portraits during the ‘golden hour’ (or, magic hour! as I like to call it). My favorite images are created during that hour before sunset when the Earth is positively illuminated in beautiful light. When I am not outside you can find me in my light and airy studio where I love to tell a different kind of story. My signature look in the studio is, at most times, “whimsical” – however, also referred to as lifestyle in a cute, playful way. 

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