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Hi! I’m Laura, a coffee-loving, Netflix binging, friendly introvert with a heart for photography and motherhood. I am also through-and-through a boy mom to Micah (4), Levi (3), and Theo (1.5) and, yes, it’s just a tad crazy around here! I live on the gorgeous West Coast of Canada with my husband of 10+ years who works in video full time. Together, we form Paraphrase Productions (pair of Froese – get it?).

Photography started for me as a hobby in 2011 and became a part-time business by the end of 2013. Two years later, I left my career as a software trainer to pursue it full-time, and have never looked back! While I specialize mostly in family and wedding photography, my true heart and passion is teaching. I have taught SOMETHING for as long as I can remember (piano, software, photography). I love documenting my clients and family, but I love teaching others to do the same just as much, if not more <3.


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online courses

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Finding Balance – Mini Course

Working, creative moms live a life that few others understand unless they have walked a mile in our shoes – the mental load we carry is immense!  Clients, emails, editing, blogging, social media, diapers, doctor appointments, meal planning, errands, friends, community, volunteering, etc….  On top of that, be a good wife, remember self care, nap when the baby is napping (hahahaha).   You never get to turn it off.  It’s like a slow IV drip of adrenaline running constantly through you.  How do you juggle all of this, and do it remotely WELL?  How do you leave room for relationships, goals, vision, or creativity when you’re just trying to survive? 


Watch Us Edit Collab | with Laura Froese and Others!

Do you love a “storybook” feel when looking at images? Photos that have a perfect balance between bold and soft, while showcasing deep colours and dramatic, moody light? Do you wish you could bring that extra quality of “something” that you just can’t put your finger on (but know it when you see it!) to your edits? Laura is excited to show you the full behind-the-scenes of how she creates her painterly, storybook feel in Lightroom!

In Laura’s chapter you’ll learn:

  • How Laura shapes light in post production to create a striking and moody feel;

  • How she brings out rich colours and tames those pesky florescent greens;

  • What it looks like to shoot with the intent of saving a beautiful sky but still have your subject pop (and what to do in post production to bring that vision to reality); and

  • BONUS: Watch her cull down an ENTIRE client gallery to deliverables in only 20 minutes and have her walk you through her thought process of what to toss and what to keep!

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Off-Camera Flash 101 Workshop

If thinking about off-camera flash fills with you uncertainty, or worse, makes you think of harsh, “flashy” light, this workshop is here to remedy that! If you are frustrated that you can’t seem to achieve a natural look, this workshop is for you. If you are intimidated because you have never even fired a flash before, this workshop is STILL for you! Come find out how to create beautiful, soft light with your flash. NOTE: this workshop runs twice a year only and is not available for Download & Go outside of those times.

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Off-Camera Flash 201 Workshop

If you want to produce images that make people stop and go, “Wow, how did they DO that?” you’re in the right place.  If you want to take photos that will set you apart in an over-saturated market, you’re also in the right place.  If you want to bring your lighting to the next level, yes, well, you know what I’m going to say!

You know how to use your light, it helps you when daylight is not readily available, but…. now what?  How do you take those skills and create truly stunning and unique works of art? Come join us, and I will show you how!

This course does NOT cover the basics of use and assumes you have a good existing control of your lighting.  (If you do not, I highly recommended taking OCF 101 as a pre-cursor to this workshop, as it will have you the master of your own light in no time.)

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Finding Inspiration Indoors Workshop

When you think of shooting indoors, do you feel a sudden dread, lack of creativity, or even boredom?! Then this is the workshop for you. We’re going to open your eyes to the world of potential that lives inside your walls for creating stunning portraits and works of art. I promise – it exists!

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Mastering Skin Tones – Mini Course

There are probably few things photographers spend more time obsessing over when editing than skin tones. Are they too cool, too warm, too green? How do I know if these are even “right?!” This mini course was designed to answer those exact questions. It contains the “math” behind nice clean tones (yes, there are actual numbers that can help you – it’s not all just blind guessing!), as well as activities to help you learn to train your eye.

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Documenting Baby’s First Year

I think every parent has the best intentions of documenting their “Little One’s” first EVERYTHING, but how do we do it WELL? How do we end up with timeless images that we can return to again & again instead of 150,000 photos taking up space on our phone that we have to sift through to find our favorites? In this course, we’ll look at how to bring your photos (even ones on your phone) to the next level during this important milestone year.

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virtual mentoring


Online Editing ONLY Mentorship

• (1) 1-hour live Q+A mentoring chat

• (2) editing videos of Laura’s personal images

• (1) BTS video – topic of students choice

• (2) edits of students RAW images

• portfolio review

Student Time Requirement: approximately 4-5 hours required



Online Shooting & Editing Mentorship

• (2) 1-hour live Q+A mentoring chat

• 5-10 page PDF tutorial on 2 specific topics chosen by student

• (1) homework assignment submission with cc on specific topic chosen by student

• (2) editing videos (one student RAW image and one personal image of Laura Froese)

• portfolio review

Student Time Requirement: approximately 5-6 hours required

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