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Spring Has Sprung | with Libby Grohmann

an e-guide to capturing this season of new life

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in this course you’ll learn

Spring has Sprung!  Put on those rain boots and get ready to capture some color!  In this mini course Libby will walk you through capturing all things Spring.  She discusses color psychology, lighting, and ways to incorporate springtime elements into your photos to capture the true essence of the season.  She goes over springtime traditions from Easter to Spring Break, so that you don’t leave a moment left undocumented. 

Want tips for getting natural interactions during a springtime photo session?  Libby has you covered there, too!  Last, but not least, Libby is dishing out her process for finding the perfect spring locations.  No flower patch will go undiscovered!  Hurry and join before those blossoms fade away!

  • Spring Color Psychology: Understanding the science and emotion behind spring colors

  • Spring Light: Working with various lighting situations to enhance your photos

  • Movement, Layering, Details: Bringing your images to life with motion, depth, and memory

  • Spring Traditions: Capturing Easter, spring portraits, and spring break, with tips and tricks to documenting each fully

  • Location Scouting: Finding, planning, and shooting in your perfect spot

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celebrating the season in all its colorful glory

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what’s included:

  • 44-page downloadable e-book

  • 4 spring-time presets

  • 4 editing videos walking you through her creative process while demonstrating how to apply and tweak her presets

learn any time – any where


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libby grohmann

Libby is a visual storyteller who lives in North Texas with her husband and two sweet girls (#girlmom).  She is a biomedical engineer by day and a photo enthusiast every moment in between.

She loves spending her free time going on family adventures both big and small.  Always equipped with some kind of camera in hand, she loves to capture every detail along the way. 

Sunsets, dramatic skies, and time spent near water feed her soul.  She is most inspired by color, shapes, and movement, and uses these elements to bring her photos to life.



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