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Finding Inspiration Indoors

with Laura Froese

$60 | Mentor Live

52 Clicks: weekly photo project

with Angie Mahlke

$40 | Annual Mini

Unapologetically YOU!

Self Portrait Collab

$40 |  Collab

Hollie Jeakins


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Welcome, Storytellers! This is your creative space to grow. To Learn. To Thrive. To push yourself beyond your limits and far beyond your creative box that you are jumping for joy to get started. We're here to teach you, challenge you, cheer you on, and inspire you to be the best creative YOU - you can BE! Are you ready?!


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True Reflections: a Family Course

with Melissa Ortendahl

Mentor LIVE! | Wait List

Off Camera Flash 201

with Laura Froese

Workshop | Wait List

Mastering Mobile

with Megan Boggs

Course Project | Wait List

Pre-Sale: March 6, 2023

Pre-Sale: February 21, 2023

Project Mini: November 14, 2023

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Hello Storyteller 

by Megan Boggs

Art & Soul

By Holly Awwad

Magic Factory

by Pamela Salai

Learn to create your own master piece. 

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Hello Storyteller Preset Collection by Megan Boggs


{Light + Whimsy}

{Colorful + Vintage}

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Join Megs + Mel as they chat a little bit business, a lot about life, & all things CREATIVE!

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Be the narrator of your story. 



by Melissa Richard

from our pro's & Artist's

Tell us your stories. Through moments, emotions, movements, and details. Through composition, minimalism, silence. Through laughter and tears. Smiles and stares. Through the good times and bad. We want to see it all. Share your life, moment by moment. Timeless. Priceless.

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Hello Creatives is an exclusive group of artists; a close & supportive peer circle, just like FAMILY.

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by Kristen Ryan


Your opportunity for growth, development, & community are extensive due to the intimacy of this elite program.


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a close community...just like FAMILY.



by Wencke Neumann

 to learn & Grow TOGETHER 

The photography world can be a lonely one, but it doesn’t have to be! Imagine a place to share your work and collaborate with fellow artists.

We’ve already dreamed up this magical place ourselves and you’re invited to join us! The Hello Storyteller Membership is open to everyone—all skill levels and genres are welcome!

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Tell us your story. Through moments, light, emotion, movement, details, composure, contrast, space, texture, minimalism, silence. Through laughter and tears. Smiles and stares. Through the good times and bad. It’s time to let your story unfold.

by Holly Awwad

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