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Environmental Portraiture

Mini Course with Sarah Jenkins

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Holiday Collab 2022

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Off-Camera Flash 101

Workshop with Laura Froese

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How HelloStoryteller Works:

Workshops run 2-week weeks long, providing an intimate online learning experience and hands-on involvement & guidance from your HS mentor with weekly assignments, community support & CC. The mentors are here to help guide you to see the bigger picture. The magic. The story within you. All workshop courses come with an audio learning option as well as a downloadable PDF guide or a Download & Go option without mentor feedback or participation for a lower cost (see course descriptions for details).

Mentor LIVES host a ONE week online “Mentor Live” run for each elective course upon release where you’ll receive exclusive virtual hands-on guidance from the elective course mentor and exclusive access to their private Facebook group - where you can interact with other students of the course to receive feedback, support, and CC. The mentor will be present during the week of the Mentor LIVE to answer questions & provide feedback on mini assignments. Elective courses are offered as a "learn at your own pace" and can be reviewed at any time as all materials will be yours to keep. All elective courses come with an easy-on-the-go audio learning option. 

Download & Go Courses are a “learn at your own pace” course & are available anytime - anywhere. Instantly have access to and/or download any of our download & go courses and get ready to watch your story unfold with these talented mentors!

Mini Courses are a quick smaller Download & Go course that are budget-friendly, easy-to-read, with a punch of information to get you started on your photo journey. (coupon codes cannot be applied to mini courses)

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