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a solely Lightroom-based journey into editing

with Megan Boggs | Laura Froese | Chelsea Wert | Pamela Salai | & Kristen Ryan

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Pssst! Ever wonder how people get their “look” with editing?

Hello Storyteller presents an exclusive collaborative elective course with FIVE amazing & talented artists ready to take you behind-the-scenes in Lightroom:

Megan Boggs | Laura Froese | Chelsea Wert | Pamela Salai | & Kristen Ryan

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megan boggs | bold + vintage

Join Megan as she walks you through how to create colorful, vibrantly bold imagery with a vintage feel!

Have you tried preset, after preset, after preset, but still can’t find the bold punch you’ve been looking for? Film-like tones no longer have to dance around their secret love affair with pops of color. With Megan Boggs’ Wild + Free and Hello Film preset collections (offered at 50% off with purchase of this course), you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds; nostalgic-emotive muted tones with a bold punch of color that will make your soul sing.

Want to watch Megan edit?? Grab a seat and sit behind the screen with Megs, as she demonstrates step-by-step how to apply her TWO preset collections to YOUR images to give them those saturated filmy tones you’ve been waiting for. Learn all her tips & tricks of how she takes an image straight out of camera (SOOC) and turns it into an array of color, like a rainbow! You’ll see how YOUR TRUE COLORS can shine through the masses!

In this chapter you’ll learn:

  • How Megan applies her custom preset Lightroom brushes to give the image a dramatic punch;

  • How to strategically apply color to your imagery without the entire image feeling like “a colorful mess”;

  • How to bring focus & POP to your subject while muting the rest of your scene; and

  • How to apply dramatic light in post and use it to guide your story

  • How to take a Lightroom edit and bring it into Photoshop for a Magical POP!

  • BONUS: Megan’s NEW “Pop the Photo” Lightroom Brush – NEVER SEEN BEFORE!

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laura froese | painterly + moody

Join Laura as she demonstrates how to create a painterly, soft look while enhancing moody lighting in post production.

Do you love a “storybook” feel when looking at images? Photos that have a perfect balance between bold and soft, while showcasing deep colours and dramatic, moody light? Do you wish you could bring that extra quality of “something” that you just can’t put your finger on (but know it when you see it!) to your edits? Laura is excited to show you the full behind-the-scenes of how she creates her painterly, storybook feel in Lightroom!

In this chapter you’ll learn:

  • How Laura shapes light in post production to create a striking and moody feel;

  • How she brings out rich colours and tames those pesky florescent greens;

  • What it looks like to shoot with the intent of saving a beautiful sky but still have your subject pop (and what to do in post production to bring that vision to reality); and

  • BONUS: Watch her cull down an ENTIRE client gallery to deliverables in only 20 minutes and have her walk you through her thought process of what to toss and what to keep!

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chelsea wert | whimsical + dramatic

Are you ready to learn how to create captivating images no matter the environment?

From low light, to hard sun, to stormy skies, to even underwater, Chelsea walks you through her entire editing process showing you how to add a spoonful of whimsy to any image! She has also included 13 brushes and 18 presets (yes, 18!) with this purchase!!

In this chapter you’ll learn:

  • Chelsea’s approach to quickly and efficiently cull through images utilizing Lightroom’s filter capabilities;

  • How to enhance low light images through richening colors, accentuating textures, and adding a smooth, fine-art finish;

  • How to conquer unflattering color casts, dramatize stormy skies, and the secrets to making your subjects pop;

  • Tips and tricks for turning bland black and white conversions into striking memories with “oomph”; and

  • BONUS: Just in time for summer, learn how to edit underwater GoPro images so you’ll be prepare for those fantastic pool memories!

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pamela salai | light + dreamy

Join Pamela as she demonstrates how to create whimsical images using a few of her new presets included in this Collab.

Do you want to create clean light and airy images inside (studio or home)? Possibly you love creating magical deep rich outside images during golden hour. Maybe you love telling stories in sepia tone. Pam is here to walk you through the steps in Lightroom of how she creates these gorgeous looks!  She even includes 3 of her presets as a bonus!

In this chapter you’ll learn:

  • How Pamela takes an indoor image and makes it bright, airy and clean with one click with her new preset – while also explaining what it does to your image and how to tweak it to be your own;

  • How to take a golden hour image and make it glow with warmth and magic;

  • How to infuse some sepia tone loving on pretty much any image; and

  • BONUS:  Pamela will take an over exposed image and reveal how she makes it look like a warm golden hour moment.

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kristen ryan | vibrant + colorful

Join Kristin as she empowers you to achieve the look YOU want and takes the guess work out of tweaking presets.

Do you want to feel confident when using Lightroom, not always feeling like you need to rely on a preset? Or would you like to have a better understanding of what the preset is ACTUALLY doing to your photos so that you can tweak it to get the look you desire when editing? Kristen walks you through the various tools Lightroom has to offer to help bring your photos to life, and gives you the confidence to create as YOU desire!

In this chapter you’ll learn:

  • How to manipulate color tones and create beautifully pleasant greens and yellows;

  • How Kristen manages to capture dramatic skies, combining in-camera with post production to make sure you don’t lose any details;

  • How to allow your subject to stand out against a distracting background using the basic brushes and tools Lightroom has to offer; and

  • BONUS: Kristen takes you through her process of culling through her everyday images and how she chooses which photos to keep for her 365 project.

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what’s included:

  • 50+ page PDF from FIVE (5) different HS MENTORS: Megan Boggs, Laura Froese, Chelsea Wert, Pamela Salai, & Kristen Ryan

  • 31-editing | BTS videos (total) from ALL of your mentors

  • 6-culling | BTS videos (total) from ALL of your mentors (time to get organized!)

  • BONUS: 21 presets and 13 brushes (total) from Pamela and Chelsea and 50% off Megan’s preset packages.

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