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holly awwad | mentor

I’m Holly Awwad. But my name isn’t who I am. I am a wife. I am a mother. However, before I was either of those, I was a photographer.

My style lies somewhere in a grey area between documentary and fine art photography. I love to sprinkle my work with creative shots and I’m addicted to freelensing. I love clean composition and rich colors. I also love using light in creative ways to shape my subjects and create a mood. My style doesn’t fit into a neatly defined box, but that’s okay because neither do I, and this is “MY” voice.



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online courses


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Capturing the Magic of Childhood Mini Course | with Holly Awwad

Join Holly as she shares how she uses light, composition and patient observation to capture the authentic moments of childhood. Learn how to look beyond the traditional snapshot and find the beauty and innocence in your everyday life. Explore combining genuine emotion with compositional elements and techniques to become a better storyteller. Holly shares her process to help you strengthen your voice as your family’s historian, as well as create artistic and beautiful captures of the true magic of childhood.

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Autumn Glory Mini Course | with Holly Awwad

Ahhh, Fall. Oh how I love Thee! It is Holly’s absolute favorite season! The gorgeous colors, the cooler temperatures, and the cozy traditions have her swooning from the time she see’s the first leaf fall from the trees. But as a photographer, her favorite part of Autumn is the glorious, golden light!


Holiday Collab 2019 | with Holly Awwad and Others!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Family, food and festive lights are-a-plenty. There is joy and wonder around every corner. And even the oldest soul can’t help but be swept away with the nostalgia of the season. In Holly’s chapter of the holiday collaboration, She’ll show you how to capture the details & traditions of the season to tell your family’s beautiful holiday story.

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virtual mentoring


Shooting & Editing Mentoring

• (2) 1-hour live Q+A mentoring chat

• 5-10 page PDF tutorial on 2 specific topics chosen by student

• (1) homework assignment submission on specific topic chosen by student with cc

• (2) editing videos (one student RAW image and one personal image of Holly Awwad)

• portfolio review

Student Time Requirement: approximately 5-6 hours required


Online Editing ONLY Mentorship

• (1) 1-hour live Q+A mentoring chat

• (2) editing videos of Holly’s personal images

• (1) BTS video – topic of students choice

• (2) edits of students RAW images

• portfolio review

Student Time Requirement: approximately 4-5 hours required

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preset collections

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Art & Soul BW Preset Collection

Let the color slip away. Allow your eye and mind to look deeper as drama, contrast and mood transform your images into emotive works of art.

This 20 black and white preset collection was handcrafted so you’ll have a 1-click editing option for any lighting situation. This collection will streamline your editing process, save you valuable time, and give you rich and emotional black and white conversions. From light and airy, to deep and dramatic, the Art & Soul BW Collection will give your images the beautiful and emotive results you are looking for to create an artistic gallery for yourself or your clients.


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