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Hi friends! I’m Melissa, a wife, mother of 2, and full-time grade one teacher. I am also a published hobbyist photographer with a passion for the creative.

I am a natural light photographer, shadow chaser, and above-all, a storyteller who is passionate about capturing the magic and joy of childhood. My children are my motivation and inspiration to pick up my camera daily. I love documenting “real” moments, raw emotion, and movement. I am drawn to details, shadows, lines, dramatic and interesting light. I also enjoy encompassing nature. Photography is my artistic outlet and food for my soul.


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online courses


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Diary of a Creative Storyteller | with Melissa Richard

Are you a storyteller who feels like you’ve lost your creativity? Do you long to tell stories that draw the viewer in and capture the imagination?

We take photos to tell stories, but how do we infuse them with creativity and connection? And to take it one step further, how do we KEEP those creative juices flowing and avoid falling into a rut or burning out? With a course packed full of imagery to help motivate and ignite your own creative process, Melissa is here to share all of her tips and tricks with you.


Holiday Collab 2019 | with Melissa Richard and Others!

The Holidays! Melissa’s favorite time of the year. The lights, the decorations, & the glistening falling snow puts Melissa in such a festive mood! And what goes great with a festive mood? Caffeine & elaborate alcoholic drinks (or for you nondrinkers out there, nonalcoholic, but similarly flavored to help you celebrate the most wonderful time of year). In Melissa’s chapter of this Holiday Collab she shares her storytelling magic behind capturing still-life images around her home (becomes sometimes our family needs a break but our creativity still needs an outlet!).

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virtual mentoring


Shooting & Editing Mentoring

• (2) 1-hour live Q+A mentoring chat

• 5-10 page PDF tutorial on 2 specific topics chosen by student

• (1) homework assignment submission on specific topic chosen by student with cc

• (2) editing videos (one student RAW image and one personal image of Melissa)

• portfolio review

Student Time Requirement: approximately 5-6 hours required


Online Editing ONLY Mentorship

• (1) 1-hour live Q+A mentoring chat

• (2) editing videos of Melissa’s personal images

• (1) BTS video – topic of students choice

• (2) edits of students RAW images

• portfolio review

Student Time Requirement: approximately 4-5 hours required


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