YMCA of the Rockies

2515 Tunnel Rd, Estes Park, CO 80511

(970) 586-3341

FREE parking

About the venue

In creating this retreat, our biggest priorities were 1) keeping it small, so that community could be the focus, and 2) keeping it affordable. That is how we decided on the YMCA of the Rockies. 

Now, we understand what kind of stigma the word “YMCA” might conjur up, but stay with us for a moment. We’re grown women. And mothers. And if we’re going away for the weekend, we need to be comfortable. We have no interest in roughing it. At least not during this trip. The YMCA of the Rockies is a conference center and holds corporate events and weddings and we are staying in one of the central lodges, which is a hotel. 

Every attendee will be housed in a double room with a roommate, have your own queen sized bed and a private bathroom – or opt for a single room for an additional $240. Your meals will be provided by the YMCA in the dining room. Is it a 4 star hotel? No. If you’re looking for luxury and private chefs – this is not the retreat for you. These are simple, but comfortable accommodations. It will allow us to all stay in the same place, to gather together and to enjoy the grounds and gorgeous surroundings.  

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housing & meals

(**Housing Note: We are requiring everyone that attends this retreat to reside on-location with us. We know that some of you may be local, but in order to keep the intimate retreat atmosphere, we feel strongly that staying together is a must**)

Double Room Accommodations: $400pp

  • 4 nights of lodging, 3 meals per day starting with dinner Thursday

  • Double room, two queen beds, private bathroom

Total cost for retreat (registration, 4 nights of double room accommodations, 12 meals): $925

Single Room Accomodations: $640pp

  • 4 nights of lodging, 3 meals per day starting with dinner Thursday

  • Single room, one queen bed, private bathroom (sorry, no sharing allowed)

Total cost for retreat (registration, 4 nights of single room accommodations, 12 meals): $1165


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Each attendee is responsible for their own travel. If you are flying in, you should fly into Denver International Airport (DIA). There is a shuttle that is available to transport you from DIA to Estes Park for $85.00 round trip. You can find that information here.


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