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Hello, I am Pamela Salai, the owner of Pamela Salai Photography in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am a goofy, fun-loving hippie at heart with a gypsy soul. My children, like many of you, were the catalyst of my photography journey. I specialize in sessions that tell a natural yet whimsical story. 

My family is my everything. I am happily married to my husband of a decade, Dave. We have three delightful and fun-loving children (who I use as my muses from time to time): our son, Brody, and twin girls, Harlow and Gabriella. 

Being a photographer has allowed me to create a world of fantasy, wonder & magic. I love being able to create work that allows me to live in a world of non-sense. I have been an artist & a dreamer for as long as I can remember, it’s just who I am. I was a hobbyist through high school and continued through my collage years. I have been professionally shooting for 8 years. 

I absolutely adore capturing portraits during the ‘golden hour’ (or, magic hour! as I like to call it). My favorite images are created during that hour before sunset when the Earth is positively illuminated in beautiful light. When I am not outside you can find me in my light and airy studio where I love to tell a different kind of story. My signature look in the studio is, at most times, “whimsical” – however, also referred to as lifestyle in a cute, playful way. 


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Online Courses

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The Art of Whimsy

It’s a dream com true… after 8 years of shooting, Pam’s passion for creating & living with her head in the clouds is coming true in her first ever SOLO in-person workshop located in Pittsburgh, PA!

Get ready to crack open a can of light & airy magic because Pam is about to bring it to you full force! Pam invites you her “second home”, a.k.a. her Studio 415 Pgh, where she creates all of her magical Light & Airy images. Her studio is a white, floor to ceiling space with one large window of light and additional pools of light that pour in from surrounding areas. Pam would love to take you on a magical adventure teaching YOU her shooting techniques LIVE in-person in her very own studio in Pittsburgh, PA. 



Watch Us Edit Collab | with Pamela Salai and Others

Do you want to create clean light and airy images inside (studio or home)? Possibly you love creating magical deep rich outside images during golden hour. Maybe you love telling stories in sepia tone. Pam is here to walk you through the steps in Lightroom of how she creates these gorgeous looks!  She even includes 3 of her presets as a bonus!

In Pamela’s chapter you’ll learn:

  • How Pamela takes an indoor image and makes it bright, airy and clean with one click with her new preset – while also explaining what it does to your image and how to tweak it to be your own;

  • How to take a golden hour image and make it glow with warmth and magic;

  • How to infuse some sepia tone loving on pretty much any image; and

  • BONUS:  Pamela will take an over exposed image and reveal how she makes it look like a warm golden hour moment. 



Mastering Minis

Have you dreamed of setting up the perfect mini session? Did you know that Pamela actually built her photography business by offering unique mini sessions?! She didn’t use mini sessions to replace her full sessions – but used them as a stepping stone & a sneak peek into booking one of her magical FULL sessions. She used her mini sessions to build her brand, gather clients, & generate a great BUZZ! And guess what – she wants to share all of these secrets with YOU!



Holiday Collab 2019 | with Pamela Salai and Others!

Join Pamela (and others!) as she walks you through the inside of magical world of Holiday Mini Sessions.

Teaching you tips & tricks for setting up memorable, whimsical holiday mini sessions. Learn all of Pamela’s secrets as she goes behind the scenes of her minimally styled photo shoots that will be sure to make squeal with joy!

In her chapter you’ll learn:

  • Let’s Keep it Simple: Styling, Details, Test shooting – OH MY!

  • Join me in the Studio: Fake snow, props, upcycling, albums & more

  • Shooting Outdoors: Planning sessions from Fall Love to the Tree Farm!

  • BONUS: Pamela’s exclusive shopping list & coupon code

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preset collections

Daisy Picker Preset Title Page.jpg

Daisy Picker | preset collection

If you love light, airy, whimsical and nostalgic, you are in the right place! Pamela Salai has created this amazing preset collection to infuse your indoor and studio images with dreamy storytelling tones available for immediate download!

Dream Catcher Presets Title Page.jpg

Dream Catcher | preset collection

From nostalgic muted tones to vibrant pops of colour, Pamela Salai has created this gorgeous outdoor preset collection to help you achieve the look you have been dreaming of! Available for immediate download!

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Virtual Mentoring

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Shooting & Editing Mentoring

• (2) 1-hour live Q+A mentoring chats

• 5-10 page PDF tutorial on 2 specific topics chosen by student

• (1) homework assignment submission on specific topic chosen by student with cc

• (2) editing videos (one student RAW image and one personal image of Pamela Salai)

• portfolio review

Student Time Requirement: approximately 5-6 hours required


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Editing Mentoring

• (1) 1-hour live Q+A mentoring chat

• (2) editing videos of Pam’s personal images

• (1) BTS video – topic of students choice

• (2) edits of students RAW images

• portfolio review

Student Time Requirement: approximately 4-5 hours required


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