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Hello Storyteller - Megan Boggs

Hello! I’m Megan! I’m a California girl residing in Central California with my two sweet girls and husband. I’m a rule breaker, a risk taker, a thinker. I daydream often; of new ideas, new plans, and new ways to create community, positivity, and fun!

I’m a Photographer – wholeheartedly – for the past 3 years. My biggest inspirations are my daughters; my muses, my every day. I am not your typical “portrait photographer”, but a storyteller, a guardian of moments, a snuggler on a rainy day, a wild + free mama chasing rainbows and dancing in the kitchen doing dishes; in style!

I am the Creator and Operator of Hello Storyteller; where creatives, professionals and parenthood collide. A space for photographers and creatives to learn, grow, create & share – all while building a sense of community, professionalism, and support. Our community shares a passion and bond for creativity & storytelling, as we band together through our journey of parenthood. Come join us!

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