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Hello Storyteller Academy members receive 25% off ALL of our Academy courses, 24-hour Enrollment Priority on course releases, access to exclusive mini lessons, tutorials, presets, access to our exclusive "Big Tog - Little Tog" buddyship program, private membership community & more!

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A community of artists inspiring & learning together.

The photography world can be a lonely one, but it doesn’t have to be! Imagine a place to share your work and collaborate with fellow artists.

We’ve already dreamed up this magical place ourselves and you’re invited to join us! The Hello Storyteller Membership is open to everyone—all skill levels and genres are welcome!

So, maybe you’re wondering, “What exactly is it, though?”

We’re glad you asked because we love, love, love everything about this program and we are not shy to gush about it.

To put it simply, the HS Membership program is designed to bring photographers & creatives from all over the world and from all genres together – to learn to together & be inspired by one another.

To break it down even more, here is the fun gushing part!

Wencke Neumann

Melissa Foxman

Abi Coop

Just like Family!

What's included in the

Every month we gift you with educational photography perks to help you hone your craft. From editing & behind-the-scenes videos to tutorials and post processing goodies, such as overlays & presets. There is always a PERK to inspire & help you on your artistic journey.

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Monthly Membership

 Photography Perks

Big Tog / Little Tog Program

This is the one we are the most excited about! We created the Big Tog | Little Tog program because we know how important having trusted and knowledgeable sounding boards are in any creative journey. 

The creatives—or as we refer to them, Big Togs—are the artists and pros in our Hello Creatives program. Just like the creative community, they have a range of styles, voices and genres. There is a match for everyone! You’ll have a hard time choosing just one, trust us!

You will have 1:1 time each month with your Big Tog to discuss specific topics and have bi-weekly access for questions and advice from them. We’ve heard such amazing things from the Little Togs currently paired up with their Big Togs.

Please Note: This program is a little extra and is not included in your membership fee (this program requires an additional fee of $45 to participate and for your membership to be active during the three month program).

Course Discounts + Early Access

We feel this is a BIG ONE. We all need people cheering us on. We created a space to foster community – we call it The Library. It’s a private Facebook page with lots to offer:

- Weekly artist takeovers with Q&As, conversation prompts, tips & tutorials, etc.
- Image sharing, constructive criticism, and so much more!
We also have group projects, such as monthly theme Instagram loops.

Weekly Features

The HS members are brimming with talent and it’d be a shame to keep to keep you to ourselves – so we don’t! We feature your work every week in a series we call Member Highlight.

We told you we were prone to gushing! We’re excited to have you in our community!

You can choose one of two options:

- $22 per month (Monthly memberships can be cancelled at any time)

- $235 annually (receive $99 of savings with purchase)

Are You Ready?!

What's better than a one-time sale?? Having a sale available to you all the time - AND getting early access to that sale!

You will receive a coupon code every month for 25% off that can be used on any of our Academy courses!

As a member, you will also receive early access to new courses that are being released. You will get an email 24 hours before the rest of our community and public to snag your spot in a course before they sell out!

Private Community

*(requires additional $45 fee)*

What's included in the

Annual Membership

 Everything Listed Above - PLUS

ONE FREE * Big Tog / Little Tog Partnership during your year of membership

*any additional partnerships will require the $45 fee to participate

ONE FREE Mini Course

ONE FREE Month of Membership 

I want the annual membership!


The annual membership gives you a savings of $99 immediately upon purchase.

No committment required.
Gives you month-to-month flexibilty.

(Valued at $29)

(Savings of $45)

(Savings of $25)

Words of Inspiration 

from our MEMBERS!

Very impressed by my Hello Storyteller subscription, not only with the quality of the courses and free perks that I get every month, but also with  the community of Hello Artists/Pros that are going above and beyond to help and support us. This is just incredible and helps me grow on my photography path.

- Élodie Meyer

Élodie Meyer 

The Big Tog/Little Tog program in the membership is brilliant. I love that we get to chat and learn all things photography with our Big Tog & it is individually streamlined! The community & support you receive from the monthly challenges and perks really helps me in my photography journey!

- Paphro Arijee

Paphro Arijee


I love the wonderful Hello Storyteller community. I've got to know so many amazing people through all the different components to the membership. Whether it's learning from my big tog, taking inspiration from the monthly loop or chatting in the Facebook group, everyone is so kind, friendly and supportive, and I feel blessed to be a part of it.

- Abi Coop



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