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Introducing Hello Presets by Megan Boggs, where photography, shot on ANY camera (including your mobile), can dance with a pop of vibrant creativity. Elevate your images with this captivating preset collection!

Whether you’re a Photographer, an aspiring influencer, a passionate traveler, an awesome business maven, or just someone who loves to capture life’s moments in color, these presets are your passport to colorfully-infused photographs. Transform your photos from okay to outstanding with a touch of Megan’s signature style. Your images will beam with personality, charm, and a dazzling array of hues. Don’t just post your moments; make them unforgettable with Hello Presets ⤸ 

Preset Collection




by Megan Boggs

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Hello Presets

5-presets, 14-brushes, 2 -AI preset collection + 4 editing tutorials


Hello Aqua

{Desktop + Mobile friendly}