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Low Light Photography | by Heena Mukhi

  1. Melissa Hall says:

    Beautiful photos

  2. Kartik says:

    Lovely photos .. telling a story no matter the medium is hard .. a picture may replace a thousand words but great pictures create everlasting memories .. that’s what you have done Heena.. proud of you

  3. Smriti Jayaraman says:

    You captured it all Heena. I used to think that you have an eye for spotting picture worthy moments and that’s what makes you a good photographer. That might still be true but the ability you have, to make a scene from any day of our lives into a head turner is what makes you a great photographer. Loved reading your piece right from etymology to each reason for why low light makes all the difference.
    Way to go Heena!

  4. Vicky says:

    Most photo albums are full of major events in ones life – birthdays, vacations, etc. It is amazing how you have picked up the downright ordinary events and made them remarkable. They are so real and so authentic. LO is lucky to have such nostalgic memories of her growing up being captured!! Kudos.

  5. Navin says:

    Fantastic pictures Heena, especially loved the ukelele picture. I like the pictures and storytelling style, natural and evocative. You have a gift, keep at it!!

  6. Nikki says:

    Only you can make it this beautiful Heena.. Lovely pictures! Each of your photo tells a story, shares an emotion which even a thousand words won’t be able to express it.. You are making memories🤗

    Great to read about low light photography. I loved how you have explained your play with lights and shadows.. This will surely inspire many people and build their interest in photography too. Amazing work.

  7. Tavishi says:

    Our little baby girl in all her glory being showcased by her mom! The pictures are beautiful and so is this article, so happy that you are pursuing your love and giving it all the time and mastering the craft 😃

  8. Sanny says:

    Big fan of your work Heena! While the focus here is on low light photography, one of the biggest reason I like your work is your way of story telling. This separates you from the rest!

  9. Aline Toussaint says:

    Great article, you made me want to try low light more! I love your portraits they are always so rich and deep.

  10. Mahima Mukhi says:

    Your every click is a piece of your heart.
    And your storytelling is an anthor form of art that paints for heart.

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