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Pillow Fight Sessons | by Melinda McIntyre

  1. Edurec says:

    I’ve had some experience setting up pillow fights for a number of corporate clients in their marketing campaigns. I can totally relate to the absolute mess and pain of the cleanup XD

    I tend to use a pretty different setup for the pillows though. My preference is to split the pillow seams using seam rippers at regular intervals before the pillow fight, but without actually ripping the pillow open.

    That way, the pillows still appear intact before the pillow fight, but would split open once it started.

    There was even 1 time a few years back where I worked with a European hotel chain where we got to use down pillows. That was an epic mess, especially since it was a 5* hotel and the pillows they had were huge 65×100 cm pillows. I remember the idea as being something along the lines of a luxurious family vacation, and the hotel wanted to highlight the “luxury” part of their accommodations, so we used the their own down pillows for the pillow fight instead of cheaper feather alternatives.

    I still think bursting all 8 pillows in the room was a tad overkill, but it made for quite the epic pillow fight!

    • Cynthia says:

      Wow! Do you have any photos from this session? Would love to see the end result!

      • Edurec says:

        Unfortunately no, the photos are the property of the hotel so I definitely can’t show it to you. That and unfortunately that was many years back and I can’t quite recall its name. Something something Eden in the city of Zurich.

        It was a family themed marketing campaign and was meant to attract families who were very well off. Much of the shooting was actually done around/outside the hotel to highlight its amenities and the surrounding attractions.

        I think less than 1 hour was actually spent in the hotel suite for the pillow fight, and it was over very quickly. The single stitch pattern that most hotel pillows seem to have meant that they didn’t last long once the pillow fight began.

        But the lucky family looked like they were having 1 hell of a blast though, although it definitely helped that they didn’t have to deal with cleanup.

        I can point u though to another hotel that I helped with, Walhalla! Also in Zurich, and they wanted to do something similar a few years back! You can see the finished product here:


        It was a mess, but a fun one as always! Pillows were a lot softer though, so we had to cheat by throwing feathers into the video scenes but oh well!

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