finding your home | with neka rae

  1. Holly Awwad says:

    So beautifully written, Neka! Your story is so inspiring and your work is authentic and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

    • Neka Rae says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read! It means so much to me. <3 I can’t wait to watch Hello Storyteller to keep growing.

  2. Niki says:

    Neka… I have yet to meet you yet I love this about you. I have seen your photography over the the last couple years and just knew there was a story behind it all. I love this raw look into your life. Everything you have been through has made you who you are today and the artist that will continue to evolve each and every day. Thank you for giving the world an opportunity to know you.

  3. Lynette Marie says:

    Love, love, love! Thank you for sharing you! I feel connected to you and haven’t met you. Your last sentence is so accurate for the way I feel as well. Every challenge, every bump in the road, every win, every loss, it all comes full circle to who we are now. You are one terrific person and I admire you and your work for that. Blessings to you.

  4. Oh Neka, your story fell hard on my heart tonight, as I’m just catching up on some reading. Thank you for sharing it with this beautiful community of photographers. You are an inspiration to so many. Love to you from Seattle.

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