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lesson | freelensing with holly (nikon style)

  1. courtney cania says:

    Wonderful tutorial! Great basic explanation of how to freelens and very easy to follow. Plus, I adore looking at your images, Holly!

  2. Charishma C says:

    Great article Holly! You freelens like a boss!

  3. Cami Turpin says:

    Love all your freelensing! Great tutorial! I actually nailed it on my first try and then failed miserably for months after! 😂😂 But now I’m back in the hang of it. It’s so fun!!

  4. Lynette Marie says:

    Holly, you know I love you and your work. I’ve learned so very much from you. There is no one I trust more than you for learning. The skills, vision, creativity, hard work, ethics, God-given talents are all truly amazing. Your heart is huge and warm. I’d like to think of you as a friend and not just a fellow photog. One day, perhaps our paths will cross in person. I’d like that. Thank you just doesn’t seem good enough for all you do for the photography world and photographers you assist and mentor, in my humble opinion anyway. To watch your children grow through your beautiful imagery is like watching one of the best movies of all time. Glad you are who you are and even happier that you share YOU with us.

    • Holly Awwad says:

      Oh Lynette, you have me in tears, sweet friend! Your support and encouragement means so much to me. It means the world to not only know what I do is appreciated but also valued in the way you described. Big hugs, my friend 😘

  5. Faith says:

    This is such a wonderful tutorial, and your pictures on this article are incredibly beautiful! I can’t wait to give this a try this weekend. Thank you for this tutorial!!

  6. Meghan Capps says:

    Do you have a link to that vintage lens you referred to?

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