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The Holiday Collab

with Robyn Chubey | Meredith Minor | Holly Awwad | Melissa Richard | Pamela Salai | & Libby Grohmann

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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Hello Storyteller presents an exclusive collaborative elective course with SIX amazing & talented artists:

Robyn Chubey | Meredith Minor | Holly Awwad | Melissa Richard | Pamela Salai | & Libby Grohmann

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Robyn Chubey | the holiday Magic

Join Robyn as she walks you through how to add MAGIC to your holiday season!

Do you ever feel like your images are missing a little something extra? Are you looking how to incorporate that “WOW” factor into your art? In this course, Robyn will walk you through her creative vision from conception to completion. She’ll show you how to discover the magic of Photoshop to help even ordinary captures become magical. Follow Robyn as she edits in Photoshop and watch the magic before your very eyes!

In this chapter you’ll learn:

  • the importance of styling to create magical images, and what elements to be sure not to miss.

  • location selection and planning your magical holiday images, no matter where you live!

  • set design and using props to convey a story.

  • magical editing with a holiday twist, get all the best tips on how to add bokeh, fire, snow, whimsy and drama to your holiday images

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Meredith minor | the Bokeh

Join Meredith as she takes you on a wild BOKEH ride. She will let you in on how she adds that bokeh magic to all her favorite holiday moments!

Do you want more bokeh in your life? In this collaboration, Meredith pulls back the curtain on the various bokeh techniques. She will demonstrate how to use lights and objects to enhance YOUR holiday traditions, show you how to make your own overlays AND reveal how she edits using Lightroom & Photoshop to bring her images to life.

In this chapter you’ll learn:

  • Lights | Camera | Bokeh Magic: What exactly is bokeh? How to achieve bokeh in camera, what items can be used to provide bokeh in an image & how to make your own bokeh overlays

  • Different Types of Bokeh: Shaped bokeh, slow shutter speed bokeh, twinkle lights, swirly bokeh, freelensed bokeh, & dancing bokeh

  • Cheers to Traditions: Let’s make your traditions filled with light & magic!

  • BONUS: Meredith is giving you 14 BOKEH OVERLAYS…don’t miss out!

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Holly Awwad | the Family Traditions

Follow Holly as she shows you how to creatively document all of your “FAMILY TRADITIONS”!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Family, food and festive lights are-a-plenty. There is joy and wonder around every corner. And even the oldest soul can’t help but be swept away with the nostalgia of the season. In Holly’s chapter of the holiday collaboration, She’ll show you how to capture the details & traditions of the season to tell your family’s beautiful holiday story.

In this chapter you’ll learn:

  • Finding details to enhance your storytelling

  • Holiday traditions and essential moments not to miss and tips on capturing them

  • A Holiday Photo Bucket List of must-capture moments

  • Two learning exercises to strengthen your photography

  • BONUS: Watch Holly edit her two holiday images with 2 editing videos & get Holly’s Indoor Portrait presets for LR and ACR!  (Presets are only compatible with the latest version of Lightroom CC or Adobe Camera Raw)

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Melissa Richard | The spirits of Christmas

Let’s Cheers into the Holidays!!

The Holidays! Melissa’s favorite time of the year. The lights, the decorations, & the glistening falling snow puts Melissa in such a festive mood! And what goes great with a festive mood? Caffeine & elaborate alcoholic drinks (or for you nondrinkers out there, nonalcoholic, but similarly flavored to help you celebrate the most wonderful time of year).

In this chapter you’ll learn:

  • Learn the storytelling magic behind Melissa’s delicious still life beverage captures (with a ho ho holiday twist!)

  • Go behind the scenes with Melissa to see how she sets the scene for holiday magic

  • Follow Melissa as she captures still life imagery around her home

  • BONUS: Melissa is also providing her easy & delicious recipes to help you celebrate the holiday’s with her festive beverages

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Libby Grohmann | the Holiday essence

Join Libby as she shares her tips & tricks for embracing the spirit of the holidays.

Want to learn how to enhance the sights, the sounds, and the smells of the holidays in your images?  Follow alongside Libby and learn her recipe for capturing and enhancing the essence of the holidays.  She’ll walk you through specific techniques using color, light, composition, and movement that will take your holiday images from ordinary to extraordinary.  After completing this chapter you’ll be smelling gingerbread and singing silent night at the first sight of your images.

In this chapter you’ll learn:

  • The Wonders of Color: learn the different meanings of color & how to make your holiday cheer pop!

  • Let there be De-LIGHT: It’s time to get creative and let your light shine bright (like the star on a Christmas tree!)

  • A Whole New Perspective: learn how to turn your ordinary image into an extraordinary masterpiece through composition, perspective, depth & scale

  • Oh What Fun: We know your kids & clients are jumping up and down with glee. Learn the power of movement & how to capture it in spirit.

  • Bonus: Libby’s Snow Overlay

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Pamela Salai | the holiday mini

Join Pamela as she walks you through the inside of magical world of Holiday Mini Sessions.

Teaching you tips & tricks for setting up memorable, whimsical holiday mini sessions. Learn all of Pamela’s secrets as she goes behind the scenes of her minimally styled photo shoots that will be sure to make squeal with joy!

In this chapter you’ll learn:

  • Let’s Keep it Simple: Styling, Details, Test shooting – OH MY!

  • Join me in the Studio: Fake snow, props, upcycling, albums & more

  • Shooting Outdoors: Planning sessions from Fall Love to the Tree Farm!

  • BONUS: Pamela’s exclusive shopping list & coupon code

what’s included:

  • 141-page PDF from SIX (6) different HS MENTORS: Robyn Chubey, Meredith Minor, Holly Awwad, Libby Grohmann, Melissa Richard, & Pamela Salai

  • 14-editing | BTS videos (total) from ALL of your mentors

  • 14-Bokeh Overlays & special tutorial of how to make your own overlays | by Meredith Minor

  • 1-Snow Photoshop Action & tutorial video

  • “A Few of my FAVORITE Things” | an exclusive shopping list of all of Pamela’s holiday goodies (COUPON INCLUDED)

  • EXCLUSIVE Holiday Shot list | by Holly Awwad

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