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Summer School

with Susan Brooksby | Chrissy Allred | Shelby Zavala | & Gabriella Rojas Ray

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Are you ready to celebrate ALL THINGS SUMMER?? Hello Storyteller presents an exclusive collaborative elective course with FOUR amazing & talented artists:

Susan Brooksby | Chrissy Allred | Shelby Zavala | & Gabriella Rojas Ray

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Susan Brooksby

Join Susan as she walks you through how to capture grand sunset skies & how to give your imagery a dramatic punch with rich light overlays!

Do you ever feel like your images are missing a little something extra? Are you looking how to incorporate that “WOW” factor into your art? In this course Susan will walk you through how she takes an every day image from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY. Follow Susan Behind-the-Scenes to see how she captures her subject during sunset & how she transforms her imagery using light overlays. You’ll learn how to create & add MAGIC to any image and watch the power of summer unfold.

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Shelby Zavala

Join Shelby as she dishes about how she captures & embraces the beauty of summer light – No matter the time of day!

Are you wanting more from your summer flare?! In this collaborative affair, Shelby shares her tips & tricks of how to document ALL of your summer adventures! Whether it’s in full sun, open shade, golden hour or blue hour, Shelby’s words of wisdom will help you confidently capture your summer memories no matter what light your simmering under!

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Gabriella Rojas Ray

Follow Gabriella as she races after her adorable swift babes while they have FUN in the SUN chasing adventures!

Are you ready to capture childhood in ALL IT’S GLORY? Summer is here…and so is Gabriella, to teach you how to capture all of the epic moments of summer & more! Follow along as she walks you through her tips & tricks of capturing candid and sincere moments between siblings, using your surroundings to add a little enchantment to your images and a list full of fun and affordable summer activities that will guarantee endless childhood memories and smiles.

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Chrissy Allred

Want to know the secret behind Chrissy’s phenomenal sidewalk chalk master pieces (SO DO WE!)

Strokes of sidewalk chalk on the pavement under the warmth of the sun can very likely evoke nostalgic memories of childhood for so many – but it doesn’t have to stop there. You can have many more fun & creative experiences with chalk in adulthood & with your children if you allow yourself to tap into your childhood creative mindset you once had. Follow alongside Chrissy & learn how she and her husband revived the art of chalk & how they enjoy it as a family.

Learn how to capture summer in a dramatic splash of light, adventure, color & fun!!

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