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Hello Storyteller - Jill McMillan

Hey there, I’m Jill McMillan, a pro-turned-hobbyist photographer living on the east coast of Canada with my husband, 4 (not so tiny) humans, and a couple furballs thrown in the mix.
I am a huge lover of anything caffeinated to get me through the chaos of kids, little houses that look like barns, flowy dresses with cowboy boots, and golden oat fields. My lifelong dream is to live in a century old home in the woods with my family, a boatload of chickens, a few Hereford cows, maybe a goat or 2, and ALL the Bernese Mountain dogs!
I love capturing our everyday through styled lifestyle photography, as well as bringing all the big imaginations to life through fantasy composites. Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It allows me to live in a magical world of beauty and raw emotion, giving me an outlet to creatively express all the phases of this crazy life.
Like many people, my love of photography started when my first baby was born in 2010. It grew into a business not long after, and I very quickly learned I much prefer shooting for me and teaching others how to create the magic themselves, as opposed to taking on clients. Giving people the ability to capture the wonder in their world is a very rewarding experience!

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