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Diary of a Creative Storyteller | with Melissa Richard

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Are you a storyteller who feels like you’ve lost your creativity? Do you long to tell stories that draw the viewer in and capture the imagination? We take photos to tell stories, but how do we infuse them with creativity and connection? And to take it one step further, how do we KEEP those creative juices flowing and avoid falling into a rut or burning out?

With a course packed full of imagery to help motivate and ignite your own creative process, Melissa is here to share all of her tips and tricks with you. She shares how she finds ways to bring that extra bit of “wow factor” to her images, how she manipulates dramatic light, and how she uses shadows to add impact. She walks you through not only her own creative process, but also breaks it down into easy steps for you to implement into your own stories as well. This course covers a myriad of topics including:

  • The Basics: Quick overview of shooting in manual mode.

  • Storytelling: How Melissa plans out her stories and brings them to life.

  • Power of Nostalgia: Connecting to the viewer.

  • Story Elements: Dramatic light, black-and-white photography, silhouettes, shadow play, and a whole list of different ways to shoot creatively!

  • Collaboration: Working WITH your children and using film and literature for inspiration.

  • Creative Gear: Getting creative with drones, phone photography (with editing tips!), and GoPros (which aren’t just for underwater shooting!).

  • Creative Subjects: Still life, self portraiture, and macro photography.

  • Breaking the Rules: Shooting with your heart instead of your head.

    What’s Included:

  • 100+ page downloadable PDF filled with beautiful imagery and practical tips;

  • 10 exercises to help get your creative juices flowing;

  • 11 editing videos walking you through Melissa’s style in PS and Camera Raw;

  • 2 behind-the-scenes videos and pullbacks;

  • 1 iMovie edit and 2 iMovie examples;

  • Audio version of course;

  • Membership in an exclusive Facebook Group led by Melissa (during Live Run only);

  • Assignments with feedback from Melissa (during Live Run only); and

  • BONUS: 3 sky overlays for you to keep!

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lifestyle & documentary photographer

lifestyle & documentary photographer

melissa richard

Hi friends! I’m Melissa, a wife, mother of 2, and full-time grade one teacher. I am also a published hobbyist photographer with a passion for the creative.

I am a natural light photographer, shadow chaser, and above-all, a storyteller who is passionate about capturing the magic and joy of childhood. My children are my motivation and inspiration to pick up my camera daily. I love documenting “real” moments, raw emotion, and movement. I am drawn to details, shadows, lines, dramatic and interesting light. I also enjoy encompassing nature. Photography is my artistic outlet and food for my soul.



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