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How to ROCK Your Social Media | with Megan Boggs

an easy to follow e-guide to jump start the organic GROWTH you’ve been craving!

(Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate)



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in this course you’ll learn

Have you been longing to build your business brand or social following – but just don’t know where to start? Are you frustrated trying to figure out the bloody Instagram Algorithm and want to learn the ins & outs of social media & how to gain an organic, engaged, & interactive audience?!

In this course you will dive into the depths of SOCIAL MEDIA with Megan Boggs as she reveals the simple tools & tricks she used to gain 1,000’s of organic followers in the last year. Invest in yourself and your brand and build a social following that you have always dreamed of.

  • What’s Your Style: Brand Identity & Color – who are you and what do you represent

  • Let’s Shoot: Photography basics; how to shoot for your social media feed, different types of light, & composition explained

  • Content | Engagement | & Sharing – Oh My: What, where, when, why, & HOW! Learn what & when to post, writing captions, how to engage, engagement groups, loops, Instagram stories, & story shares

  • We Are Family: Community – why we need it, where to find it, & how to share

  • How to work other Social Media Platforms: A sneak peek into Facebook & Pinterest – and why you should be building your brand on these platforms too

  • BONUS: Join the PRIVATE Facebook group geared towards social media (DURING LIVE RUNS ONLY) & Receive 25% off Megan’s two preset collections: Hello Film & Wild + Free

Learn how to build & maintain a cohesive feed!

Learn how to build & maintain a cohesive feed!

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It’s time to ROCK your social media like a BOSS!



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what’s included:

  • 76-page downloadable PDF

  • Private Facebook group for community support (DURING LIVE RUNS ONLY)

  • (2) Social Media Cheat Sheets

  • 25% off Megan’s two preset collections: Hello Film & Wild + Free

learn any time – any where


lifestyle & documentary photographer

lifestyle & documentary photographer

megan boggs

i am a rule breaker. a risk taker. a thinker. a dreamer. a believer. a seeker of light. a splash of color. a lover of words. a creative. a passionate artist. a mother of two. a wife.

my biggest inspirations are my two sweet girls. my life. my every day. the breaths i take. the hugs we make. i am not your “typical portrait photographer”, but a storyteller, a guardian of moments, a preserver of every day life. real. raw. emotional.

i am a California girl. wind in my hair. coffee in my cup. book in my hand. dancing shoes on. my guys right-hand gal. a private investigator by trade. always chasing a thrill. my bucket list long. my ambitions high. and my words sweet. lets learn together.



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