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Dare to be Wild | with Megan Boggs

finding your creative dare devil & embracing the imperfect

Next Run: November 11-24

in this course you’ll learn

Have you ever wanted MORE from your photography? To make your viewer feel something deep in their soul? To make them gasp aloud when they see your art? In this course you will dig deep with Megan Boggs and undergo soul searching exercises to extract your inner dare devil. To find meaning behind your art and reach beyond the “perfect shot”. You will tap into your creative mindset and watch your story unfold in dramatic fashion; embracing the blur, dramatic light, bokeh, and color splash. Stop shooting to be perfect and start creating everlasting artistic imagery that is unique and timeless to YOU!

  • Your Inner Artist: Who are you, why do you create, and what do you want from your art

  • Finding Your Wild: Dig deep and look at yourself from the inside out. Shooting exercises that will help you tap into your creative wild side

  • The Power of Letting Go: Learn how to accept your vulnerability and use that emotion to power your creative artist. Stop thinking about the perfect shot and shoot from the heart

  • Don’t Let Fear Stop You: Weekly prompts and exercises to squash your inner fears to create freely

  • The Power of Light: How to use creative light to connect with your viewer; golden hour, lens flare, bending & wrapping light, backlight, overlays & more

  • Splash Your Art with Color: Using dramatic pops of color to narrate your story

  • Blurred Lines: Freelensing | when to find focus vs letting the blur become your storyteller

  • Let Your Art Move You: Understanding the power of movement and how it can dramatically empower your imagery

  • Behind the Scenes & Editing Videos: Follow Megan as she creates; from planned sessions to shooting from the hip. Watch as she edits and learn her fun-filled editing tricks in Lightroom & Photoshop and her favorite mobile editing apps (you’ll also receive a discount code on the wild + free preset collection and her newest preset collection: Hello Film)

    • (Presets are only compatible with the latest version of Lightroom CC or Adobe Camera Raw)

  • NEW BONUS| How to ROCK your Social Media: Learn Megan’s social media tips & tricks; from designing & planning your Instagram Feed to engagement, community building & growth! (Only available in the LIVE workshop)

beauty is in the eye of the beholder



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A rich course, beautiful to read through, each page full of beautiful photos, thought-provoking questions, creative inspiration and a little push to be a stronger creator.

I really enjoyed the course, the way it was laid out (without having to download everything!). I appreciated the audio to listen to while driving as well. I felt like I was leafing through a gorgeous coffee table book while learning all the information. Beautifully assembled course!

— Mina R.
Megan did a great job staying on topic and was kind to answer all questions and was well prepared. I loved the pdf (the videos were great, too). It was provoking and comforting all at the same time to get creative and to push for authenticity.
— Miranda M.
I can’t say enough about this course and the others that I have taken with Hello storyteller. Megan is a wealth of knowledge and has been 100% dedicated to us during the live run. The shooting videos, editing videos and assignments were all thought provoking and eye opening. In the past two weeks I’ve learned new shooting techniques, creative edits and short cuts to cut my editing time down!

Thank you Megan! I hope you offer some more amazing classes in the near future!

— Laura D.

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what’s included:

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learn any time – any where – with audio & print options


lifestyle & documentary photographer

lifestyle & documentary photographer

megan boggs

i am a rule breaker. a risk taker. a thinker. a dreamer. a believer. a seeker of light. a splash of color. a lover of words. a creative. a passionate artist. a mother of two. a wife.

my biggest inspirations are my two sweet girls. my life. my every day. the breaths i take. the hugs we make. i am not your “typical portrait photographer”, but a storyteller, a guardian of moments, a preserver of every day life. real. raw. emotional.

i am a California girl. wind in my hair. coffee in my cup. book in my hand. dancing shoes on. my guys right-hand gal. a private investigator by trade. always chasing a thrill. my bucket list long. my ambitions high. and my words sweet. lets learn together.



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