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Connected | with MacKenzie Pudenz

How to capture the story of FAMILY

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Are you ready to capture that real, authentic connection you have been dreaming of? Think of me as your tour guide! I will gently instruct and guide you through an entire session, while encouraging you to capture your family naturally interacting and loving on each other as they would if you weren’t there.  My passion is to capture the little moments, the big moments, and everything in between! If you dream of delivering a gallery that shows the dynamics of your clients, the soft and gentle connections, the fiery fun moments, the silly and craziness of it all, then this course is for you!  I will share all my tips on how to capture families connected, how to use light to tell their story, how to scout ideal locations and use them appropriately, and the importance of styling! It would be my honor to teach you how to deliver a gallery that triggers a heartfelt reaction, tears of joy and happiness, sweet memories, and forever freezes those fleeting moments!

This course begins with FEELING the moments with your client.  I explain what I look for during a session, how I intervene when needed, and when to step back and just capture it all unfolding.  I also talk about how I prepare my clients for their storytelling session. Next, we go over light, how to use it to your advantage, and how the use of light can help tell your family’s story. Additionally, we cover how to visualize the way the light hits your location when you are scouting, how to find the best locations, and understanding the importance of doing your research and planning for your session! Lastly, we will touch on the importance of styling and why it is so powerful to help tell the story of your client! 

There are practical exercises and assignments to help you implement all of the information we cover so you can incorporate it into your own sessions, as well as behind-the-scenes videos of me editing and working with my own clients!

  • Connection

  • The moments – big and small!

  • Preparation for every session

  • Lighting

  • Location

  • Styling

    What’s Included:

  • 75+ page downloadable e-book & online course player

  • 3 editing videos

  • 6 behind-the-scenes shooting videos where you can come along on a family shoot with MacKenzie

  • Audio version of the course



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Loved this course. It was more than I expected for an ‘online’ workshop. The content was practical and creatively challenging.
— Emily

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family lifestyle photographer

family lifestyle photographer

mackenzie pudenz

Hello! I’m MacKenzie! I’m a small town, Iowa born, farmer’s daughter! I now live in Mesa, Arizona where my amazing husband and I attempt to keep our sanity and raise our SEVEN crazy kiddos! My husband is also from Iowa, so we spend our summers there basking in the wonderful farm life! I spend my days all year round chasing kids and SUNSHINE! I’m also an intensive care unit nurse…something I am very passionate about. I thrive off being able to help and serve others. I consider myself a homebody who loves to travel! I’m also extremely shy but will bust out a self-sacrificing dance move if I need to make you laugh! I love deep belly laughs, giving gifts, supporting others, giving pep talks, singing really loud in my car, and snuggling my babies. I believe in the power of positivity, and you will always find me smiling! I am, as defined by my husband, an extreme optimist (he calls himself a realist…aka pessimist ;-). I am constantly in awe of my family. They truly are beautiful souls, and I will never stop being amazed at the incredible blessings they are!

I’ve always loved photographs and the emotions they make me feel. I subconsciously fear I will forget a moment or a memory, therefore I am extremely dedicated to capturing all the magical moments in life, big or small. I feel becoming a mother has amplified this fear, and given me a heightened sense of urgency to capture every perfect and imperfect moment, every detail, every joy… THE CONNECTIONS WE CAN FEEL, BUT DON’T ALWAYS SEE, life in all its exponential beauty. My soul is constantly searching for the connection, light, movement, and love I witness. Babies don’t keep, kids don’t keep, TIME doesn’t keep… so my intent is to capture images that do. Images that show the love and personalities shining through. At the end of the day, I just want to love on my family and give you beautiful, tangible treasures to keep forever.



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