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Self Portraiture: The Complete Journey | with LeAnna Azzolini

Leaving your legacy while finding yourself

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in this course you’ll learn

The idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will
— Andy Warhol
  • Why Self Portraits: discovering your “why”, conquering your fears, taking the journey toward self love & acceptance.

  • A Technical Overview: Equipment, planning, process, set up, & establishing focus

  • From Concept to Creation: Finding inspiration, color theory, wardrobe styling, location planning, putting the details together for the shot

  • It’s You & Me Babe: Keeping kids engaged, posing, embracing the chaos

  • Watch LeAnna as she edits & takes you behind the scenes: 4-editing videos (2 mini & 2 full), 2-BTS videos, 1-technical shooting video, & 1-creative process video -from start to finish, & 1-posing video.

  • BONUS: 8-interviews with inspiring artists on their driving force and personal definition of their connection between self-love & self-portraiture

have fun. be free. & let yourself shine


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I really enjoyed this course. It was extremely honest and very empowering. LeAnna was amazing and completely transparent. It was amazing to see her process and how she plans and coordinates all of her self-portrait sessions.
— April W.
I only have positive things to say! Thank you for being vulnerable & putting so much love & thought into helping other photographers by creating this course! This was my first course with Hello Storyteller & I am walking away with I higher sense of knowledge & self confidence!
— Julie H.

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What’s included:

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lifestyle & portrait photographer

lifestyle & portrait photographer

leanna azzolini

LeAnna is a mom, wife, and professional photographer living in Dana Point, California. She specializes in capturing motherhood, and through that love, found her greatest creative passion by exploring the art of self-portraiture. Teaching and mentoring other photographers is her big goal for the coming year. She hopes to inspire others to dust off that tripod and give their children the gift of not only seeing that they were there too, but that they truly lived.



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