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Unscripted | with Lauren Webster

soul searching, storytelling & memory making

in this course you’ll learn

The desire to document our everyday lives comes from the stories that have made us who we are. Our reasons are different, but in some ways, the same. You may have grown up with a camera in your hand or maybe a personal loss inspired you to pick it up for the first time. Maybe your need to document came after you had children. We all have our stories, and your story makes you the photographer you are today.

In the course, “Unscripted”, you will dig deep to discover the parts of you that have led you to this approach to photography. We will work together to find your own authentic voice so that past, present, & future clients feel comfortable opening up to you. In this elective course, you will learn how to tell your story and why it is important to do so, how to connect with clients, how to tell a story using different points of view, and why it is important to pursue personal projects.

  • What is Documentary: what makes documentary photography different from a lifestyle session

  • Spill your Guts: identifying your story; having a vulnerable & authentic presence

  • Introvert or Extrovert: learning to be open & honest without driving people away

  • Finding your Tribe: using your story to find the right clients, building relationships

  • Finding perspective: visually telling a story using different points of view

  • Feed the soul: why photographing for yourself is imperative to your success as a photographer

  • behind the scenes & editing videos

  • behind-the-scenes video of Lauren photographing a storytelling client, her suggestions and tips, and some feedback from the client herself. Lauren will also walk you through her culling and editing process.

shoot for you & from your heart


what’s included:

  • 50+ page downloadable e-book filled with lessons, tips, tricks, exercises and more, accompanied by beautiful examples of heartfelt documentary imagery

  • Behind-the-scenes shooting and editing videos to see how Lauren sets up her scene, workflow, and editing process

  • Thought provoking exercises to help you see your vision and push your boundaries

  • Audio version of entire course for those of you that like to learn on the go!

learn any time – any where – with audio & print options


lifestyle & documentary photographer

lifestyle & documentary photographer

lauren webster

My love affair with photography began at a very young age. I was always the little girl with the camera in my hand. My heart has always been light-years ahead of my mind when it comes to anything creative, though. I’ve had this strong, never-ending desire to create, but nothing artistic comes naturally to me. I just know it’s my passion. I’ve photographed, painted, drew, sketched, and baked my way through years and years of intense creative urges. Photography is just something that feed my soul in a way that the others do not. The idea that I can freeze a moment and save it forever was desirable.



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