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Journey to Motherhood | with Lauren {Lo} Hodges

an elective course on intimate maternity sessions

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in this course you’ll learn

What is Motherhood?

It’s when you first say those words out loud, ‘I’m going to be a Mother.” It’s feeling those butterfly kicks for the first time. It’s the moment they lay them on your chest and your heart feels too big for your body. It’s breastfeeding and falling asleep on the couch together. These moments are the ones you never want to forget; holding onto them so tightly, not letting them slip away.

In this course, Lo exposes the beauty of the intimate maternity session. She’ll walk you through her step-by-step process of how she prepares her clients for their intimate session – from styling, to location, light + mood, posing & prompts, to getting connected; not just with her client – but connecting her client to themselves – letting them take in the intimacy and vulnerability of this unforgettable time & journey of motherhood.

  • How to work with your Client: Styling & Client Prep

  • Location: What to look for & when to shoot

  • Let the be LIGHT: Using light to create mood & energy

  • Strike a Pose: How to pose Mama-to-be & make her feel BEAUTIFUL

  • Let’s Get Connected: How to look for emotion & capture connections

  • Watch Me Edit & Assignments: Go behind the scenes with Lo as she walks you step by step through her editing workflow process and what she chooses to include in her final edits!

    What’s Included:

  • downloadable e-book & online course player

  • 2 editing videos: Watch Lo edit her gorgeous Mama-to-be’s!

  • 2 behind-the-scene videos: session & studio

  • Audio version of course



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lifestyle & documentary photographer

lifestyle & documentary photographer

Lauren {Lo} Hodges

Spontaneity stirs my soul. True feeling happens when its not planned.

I believe joy is infectious, we have power to change the world for even just one person with a simple smile.

I love being a photographer because I am constantly meeting new people. A persons circle can never be too big!

I LOVE coffee! I love the smell of it, the color of it. I love going to bed knowing I can wake up to a hot cup of coffee in the morning!

The change of seasons is a blank slate, and new life is born with each change in the weather.

I love squishing my toes in the dirt. To me, dirty feet is a sign of life and joy.



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