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Off-Camera Flash 101 | with Laura Froese

creating beautiful, natural-looking light with flash

Next run: January 18, 2021

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in this course you’ll learn

If thinking about off-camera flash fills with you uncertainty, or worse, makes you think of harsh, “flashy” light, this workshop is here to remedy that! If you are frustrated that you can’t seem to achieve a natural look, this workshop is for you. If you are intimidated because you have never even fired a flash before, this workshop is still for you!

We start at the very beginning to establish a firm foundation. During Week One, we will be looking at how your gear goes together and troubleshooting through various set-up issues. We then move on to understanding your flash settings and how to control its power. We will explore using your flash both as a primary light in your images as well as a fill light supplementing existing ambient.

In Week Two, we will explore the relationship between camera settings and your flash, learning how to control the power of your flash by adjusting those settings. We will hone in on the quality of your light while unpacking how flash placement and various modifiers can create contrasting looks. We will troubleshoot through avoiding harsh shadows and ensure that you have flattering light placement on your subjects. Lastly we will look at editing techniques for bounced flash, modified flash, and bare flash to help enhance that natural look.

There will be numerous exercises and assignments for both practice and feedback throughout the weeks to encourage questions and solidify newly learned skills. In addition to three editing videos, there will also be FIVE behind-the-scenes videos! You will watch me set up my gear, work through technical issues, and shoot in three very different lighting situations.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will be offered twice a year only and will NOT be offered as a Download & Go in between Live Runs.

  • Setting Up and Troubleshooting

  • Sync Speed, Flash Power, and Flash Placement

  • Flash as Primary Light

  • Flash as Supplemental Fill Light Balanced with Ambient

  • Camera Settings to Control Flash

  • Quality of Light (Goodbye Harsh Shadows)

  • Exercises and Assignments for Feedback

  • Behind-the-Scenes Set Up and Shooting Videos

  • Editing Videos to Enhance a Natural Look

    what’s included

  • 130-page downloadable e-book & online course player

  • 2 videos to assist with gear set up and troubleshooting

  • 3 behind-the-scenes shooting videos

  • 3 editing videos to address different types of OCF light and tips and tricks to soften it

  • Membership in a private Facebook Group led by Laura where you can ask any and all questions

  • Additional Q&A and instructional videos added to the Facebook Group which are tailored to each set of students

  • Individualized feedback on multiple assignments

  • Audio version of course

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“Absolutely essential off-camera flash course! Even if you already own flash, Laura teaches you so much – including amazing light-shaping editing tips! Not only is the course stand-alone amazing – thorough, fully explanatory and easy-to-follow for any level of user, but Laura took the time to give personalized feedback to every individual and provided additional fun and informative tips along the way! While I did not keep up with all of the in-class assignments (because #life) Laura was always available for questions and super user-friendly and approachable. I feel like I’ve not only mastered a new skill, but gained a friend.” ~ SK

“If anyone has been on the fence about learning off camera flash, I cannot recommend Laura’s course enough! It’s always been something that I’ve been curious about, but it’s taken me years to feel ready. I usually think about OCF as big dramatic images, but Laura teaches a style that mimics natural light and it was exactly what I was drawn to. Her next round will run this fall, and it’s totally worth it!” ~ EF

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lifestyle photographer

lifestyle photographer

laura froese

Laura Froese is a Canadian photographer living on the West Coast of British Columbia. She specializes in families and weddings, but also loves to capture newborns as well as documenting her own family. Photography started for her as a hobby in 2011 and became a part-time business by the end of 2013.

Two years later, she left her career as a software trainer to pursue her passion full-time. She and her videographer husband of 10 years run a photo and video company, Paraphrase Productions. Additionally, she is a full-time boy mom of a 4.5-year old, a 3.5-year old, and a 2-year old.



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