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Mastering Skin Tones | with Laura Froese

your guide to perfect skin tones!

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in this course you’ll learn

There are probably few things photographers spend more time obsessing over when editing than skin tones. Are they too cool, too warm, too green? How do I know if these are even “right?!”

This mini course was designed to answer those exact questions. It contains the “math” behind nice clean tones (yes, there are actual numbers that can help you – it’s not all just blind guessing!), as well as activities to help you learn to train your eye.

Laura will take you through her editing workflow (beginning in LR, adding creative touches in PS, and ending in LR again*), not only so you can see how she edits, but also so you can see what order to adjust your settings in to help you achieve nice skin tones with as little headache as possible. She’ll discuss troubleshooting issues like multiple skin tones in a single image and dealing with color casts, as well as taking you behind the scenes on a mini shoot with her and her boys to show you how she spots locations to set herself up for a clean edit.

  • Getting Started: calibration, in-camera settings, Lightroom vs. ACR & Photostop

  • Editing by Numbers: do the math; skin numbers in Lightroom & Photoshop, temperature, tint, presets, HSL & exposure

  • How to Shoot “Clean”: how to deal with color casts & manage multiple skin tones! SCORE!!!

  • Houston we have a Problem: TROUBLESHOOTING; the most important things to know about skin tones!

  • Watch Me Edit & Assignments: Go behind the scenes with Laura as she walks you step by step through her perfect skin tone process (and don’t forget the bonus assignments!!)

*This course heavily utilizes Lightroom for mastering skin tones. It is the recommended program to accompany this course.

what’s included

  • 50+ page downloadable e-book;

  • 3 editing videos;

  • 1 behind-the-scenes shooting video; and

  • a BONUS video reviewing the numbers on “less than perfect” images.

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“I bought this course today and it is worth every penny! Laura is a master teacher and makes the editing process easy to understand. Using what I’ve learned here, my images are so much more refined with accurate and flattering skin tones.” ~  JC

“I am only on chapter two and reading about the eye dropper and holy crap!! Going with the recommended numbers for the RGB just blew my mind! I’ve been struggling with skin color!! Can’t wait to get into it more!” ~JW

“Just when I thought about hanging up photography for a little bit, this purchase had re-inspired me to keep going. Thank you for sharing this course!” ~ ED

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lifestyle & documentary photographer

lifestyle & documentary photographer

laura froese

Laura Froese is a Canadian photographer living on the West Coast of British Columbia. She specializes in families and weddings, but also loves to capture newborns as well as documenting her own family. Photography started for her as a hobby in 2011 and became a part-time business by the end of 2013. Two years later, she left her career as a software trainer to pursue her passion full-time. She and her videographer husband of 10 years run a photo and video company, Paraphrase Productions. Additionally, she is a full-time boy mom of a 3-year old, a 2-year old, and a 1-year old.



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