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Have you ever looked at a session from another photographer and thought, “How in the world do I find clients who will dress like THAT?!” Are you tired of clients showing up in boring clothing? Do you struggle with telling a story during your session? In this course, we will dive into what happens from the moment you receive a client inquiry all the way though photographing their session in order to have more meaningful photos, happier clients and emotional stories to share.

  • Styling the Artist: How to nail down your brand & who you are as an artist

  • The Perfect Match: How to develop an unforgettable client experience and build a personal connection with your client.

  • Stylized Storytelling: How to properly style your client’s session in order to tell the story that you are trying to portray.

  • This is How I Work: How to effectively cull and edit each session.

  • HELLO, It’s Me: How to tell your own story as a photographer by use of self portraits and captivating captions.

  • BONUS: A copy of my client Questionnaire!

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landing your dream client – in style



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portrait photographer

portrait photographer

Kayla Mattox

I’m Kayla, the heart behind Kayla Mattox Photography. I’m also the Momma to two beautiful kiddos and wife to a very handsome Marine, Eric. I have always loved taking pictures. In fact, my very first camera was a hot pink Barbie camera with a flashy diamond shutter button. Throughout the years, I have improved and I’m proud to say that I am past my Barbie camera days!

Being a military spouse, I had to learn quickly how to connect with my clients and create a unique client experience. Now, I am here to share my love of taking photos, creating a client experience and styling my sessions with you!



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