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We're holding a LIVE RUN of our HS Kids photography program. This program is designed specifically FOR KIDS (ages 8+) who want to LEARN & understand the basics of photography, editing, storytelling and studio work.

Photography is more than just a creative hobby! It builds self-esteem, encourages mental health, teaches mindfulness, facilitates perspective thinking and innovative thought, and provides children a form of self-expression that ensures a healthy sense of self-identity. Photography also assists children connect - with each other, with family, and with their peers.

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A young community of aspiring artists learning together.

When kids learn the art of photography, they learn to see the world in a brand new way. A way that necessitates patience and hones their skills of observation and perception. Research suggests that the ability to delay gratification is one of the best predictors of future academic and life success. When a landscape photographer patiently waits for the light to illuminate the landscape from just the right angle, they are delaying their gratification.  When a wildlife photographer sits quietly while observing a mother bear interact with her cubs, waiting for just the perfect moment to click the shutter, they are delaying their gratification. Photography definitely requires patience! Perhaps even more important though, photography cultivates an appreciation for the process. learning is about more than just the end result!

Learning the technical side of photography, such as manipulating camera settings, composing a frame, observing and including the light artistically, Working out the most ideal angle, and getting the focus just right, sharpens problem-solving skills that can easily be applied to other academic subjects and areas of life.

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How the

This course is a learn at your own pace and student lead. 

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Each week covers a specific topic

Dates of the course (see below for each week's topic and content):

Week 1: July 11 - 17

Week 2: July 17 - 24

Week 3: July 24 - July 31

Week 4: July 31 - August 7

Instructor Access

Each student that registers will be given access to the courses private google classroom site. Each week has it's own class, but the students keep access to all 4 classes for the duration of the class, so if they have questions at any time for the instructors from previous weeks, they can still ask them!

Are You Ready?!

Students will have access to the instructor for the entire week the topic is being covered. The instructors will post a welcome video for the students and will be active in the private google classroom site. Students can post questions at any time and the instructors will respond during their office hours within 24 hours.

Additionally, there will be optional assignments for the students. If they choose to complete them and want to submit their photos for instructor feedback, they absolutely can. Each instructor will post the assignments and their due dates in the google classroom site.

With students from all over the country with different time zones, and based on feedback from our students last summer, we wanted to provide as much flexibility for our students and their families as possible while still giving the students 1:1 and group access to the instructors.

Private Google Classroom Site

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What your kids will 



Week 1 (July 11-17)
Foundations of Photography

Week 2 (July 17-24)
Introduction to Lightroom Editing

Week 3 (July 24-31)
Nature Photography & Storytelling

Week 4 (July 31 - Aug 7)
Indoor Photography & Studio Work

• 39 page e-book
• 7 in-depth instructional videos on each content area:
Reading a Histogram
ISO & Outdoors
ISO Indoors
Focal Plane & Aperture
Shutter Speed

• Backlight Image Overview
• Dappled Light/Harsh Light Image Overview
•Diffused Light/Open Shade Image Overview
• 2 Behind-the-scenes shooting videos
• 3 Light & Image Review Videos
• 24-page e-book
• 6 videos on the following topics:
  • Importing Images
  • Exposure
  • White Balance
  • Crop & Transform
  • Tone Curve, HSL, Detail Panel
  • Exporting Images
  • Mobile Walkthrough

with Laura Froese

with Melissa Ortendahl

with Jackleen Leed

• 25 page e-book
• 3 behind the scenes shooting videos on:
  • Aperture
  • Composition
  • Orientation
  • Perspective, & more!

with Pamela Salai

• 28 page e-book
• 4 videos covering:
  • Studio Tour
  • How to set-up a studio
  • How to edit for indoor/studio photography

What the Kids Said:

” I loved the photography course! I think it was really helpful when I take pictures. I would really recommend it for beginner photographers. It offers all different types of picture taking, nature, studio, etc. It was an amazing experience and I loved it.”
– Josh, Age 10

in pre-sale now | $149

“This course was just what my 11 year old needed! It was an incredibly informative, easy to follow course. It taught our daughter the building blocks of photography, all the while igniting her love for the camera. The instructors were able to bring their knowledge of a complicated art form to a level understandable to children of all ages. My daughter didn’t want this course to end! I have been enjoying watching her practice and grow each week and as she continues to shoot! We can’t thank the instructors enough.”

 Melissa, Parent of Student

“My son has expressed an interest in photography for a while, so it was fun watching him learn the tools and techniques to actually go out and shoot on his own. He’ll pick up the camera now on a whim and direct his siblings or crouch down real low to capture the details. It’s like witnessing my own little mini me in action.”
- Angie, Parent of Student

“This course was fun! I loved learning how to control my camera. I liked learning about taking nature pictures and studio.”
- Emma, Age 11