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Shannon Douglas

Shannon Douglas

Hello Storytellers. Hello Photographers. Hello Creatives. Hello Community. Hello ARTISTs!

Hello Artist is a group of CREATIVES with unique voices and talents. We are parents, children, sisters, brothers, students, teachers and leaders. We come from all walks of life, but we come together on this journey with the common goals of creativity, growth, community, and kindness.

Robyn Chubey

Robyn Chubey

Lauren Hodges

Lauren Hodges

We’ve created the Hello Artist designation as a milestone for those who are advancing in their photography journey and wish to dive deeper into a relationship with Hello Storyteller. This relationship has two levels:

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Hello Artist & Hello Pro

STEP 1: Portfolio Review to achieve Hello Artist

To apply to be a Hello Artist, a gallery of 100-images is required to be submitted through a URL to your portfolio. Your application includes a portfolio review by various Hello Storyteller Educators. Each portfolio will be reviewed and scored privately. A minimum score of 55 or higher demonstrating a unique voice and style, as well as a cohesive and consistent presentation, out of 70 possible points is required to be accepted as a Hello Artist. You will be evaluated and scored in the following categories, with 10 possible points per category.

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the rubric (for Photographers)

SKILL (50 points Possible)


To get the full 10 points, you need to have an expert level understanding of exposure in all lighting situations.

Color | White Balance

To get the full 10 points, skin tones and overall image white balance should be consistent throughout the portfolio and creatively accurate in each image.

Getting Technical (Composition, Focus & Technique)

To get a full score of 10, the artist must be able to demonstrate accurate and/or creative use of focus in all images in the portfolio.


A score of 7 – 10 in this category will be given when an artist is truly unique and thinks outside the box. Additionally, the artist should demonstrate the ability to capture authentic moments and connections with their subjects, resulting in emotionally compelling imagery and storytelling.


As artists, our job is to tell a visual story. Storytelling is about conveying an emotion or idea, teaching a lesson, or sharing an experience with the viewer. We will be judging storytelling based on:

  1. Setting – The setting and composition of the image should be thoughtful and add strong context to the action within the scene.

  2. Details – Details within the scene should be left in or focused on when they enhance the overall story. Details that distract from the story should be removed either before the shot is taken, or in post processing. 

  3. Emotion – Strong images will make the viewer feel an emotion, and/or show the subject’s emotion during the story. 

  4. Touch – Touch connects the viewer with the subject and makes an image feel more intimate in nature. Touch is one of our five senses, so capturing it in storytelling helps the viewer relate to the subject and the story.

  5. Movement – Movement should be used, when possible and appropriate, to make an image come to life and make the viewer almost feel as if they are seeing the image in real time. When used properly, movement can add dimension, depth and emotion, and also add more context to the story. 

Not all images will have every element listed above. But a score of 7-10 in this category will be given when the artist demonstrates all or most of the above elements to enhance the storytelling within their portfolio.

The best scores will be given to portfolios that consistently give the viewer an emotional response, making them feel connected to the image and/or subjects.

Cohesiveness (20 points possible)

Creative Voice | Branding

An artist’s voice and style is what makes them stand out as unique among other artists. A strong voice is evident when you can see an image and know the artist before you even see the byline. 

Portfolio Consistency

The portfolio needs to flow well from the beginning to end, told like a story. The portfolio should be thoughtfully put together in a manner that allows the reviewer to easily move from one image to the next with a logical and clear organization.

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STEP 2: Application for Hello Pro

Are you ready to take your journey to the next LEVEL? Do you have a desire to teach, mentor and be a leader in the community? If the answer is “Yes” then you may be ready to apply for to be a Hello Pro!

Hello Artists can apply for Hello Pro when they feel they are ready to take this next step in their work. Our Pros are the Best-of-the-Best and will be the instructors and mentors in our community. All applicants must go through the Portfolio Review Process and be accepted as a Hello Artist BEFORE applying for Hello Pro.

After the Hello Artist Review and scoring process, you will be given specific feedback that will ensure you know the correct steps you need to take to be ready to apply for Hello Pro. Your application to Hello Pro should be very carefully curated and thoughtfully prepared with your Hello Artist feedback in mind.

To Apply for Hello Pro, please submit a separate portfolio of your 50 BEST IMAGES. Your portfolio and answers to the following questions will determine your acceptance. A minimum score of 40 or higher demonstrating a unique voice and style, as well as a cohesive and consistent presentation, out of 50 possible points is required to be accepted as a Hello Pro

GOALS | GROWTH | COMMUNITY (50 Points Possible)

Goals (10 Points Possible)
The Artist should be able to clearly outline what they want to accomplish as a Hello Pro Creative, goals they would like to achieve, and what they would like to contribute to the Hello Storyteller Community.

Growth (10 Points Possible)
The Artist should be able to articulate how they hope the Hello Pro Creative designation will help them grow both in their art and within the Hello Storyteller Community. We also want to know how you will help the Hello Storyteller Community grow! This is a partnership and we will be growing on this journey, together!

Community Involvement (10 Points Possible)
Our Hello Pros should be active in the Hello Storyteller Community on Facebook, IG or both. We want our pros to participate in projects, help uplift and support others, and contribute to various creative projects. It’s very important that our Hello Pros are willing to be leaders within our various community platforms.

**We will also consider an artist’s affiliations with other communities and how it may reflect on, contribute to, or even interfere with their relationship with Hello Storyteller. Affiliations with other platforms or organizations should be considered cooperative with Hello Storyteller.

Blog Contribution (10 Points Possible)
Our Hello Artists should contribute to the blog a minimum of TWO BLOG SUBMISSIONS before applying for Hello Pro.

Library Content Contribution (5 Points Possible)
Our Hello Artists should contribute Library Content to our Membership at least once before applying for Hello Pro.

Instagram/FB Takeover (5 Points Possible)
Our Hello Artists should all do a social media takeover at least once within the last 3 months before applying for Hello Pro.


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