Hello Artist is a group of CREATIVES with unique voices and talents. We are parents, children, sisters, brothers, students, teachers and leaders. We come from all walks of life, but we come together on this journey with the common goals of creativity, growth, community, and kindness. When you apply for Hello Artist, you'll undergo a detailed portfolio review to assess where you are on your creative journey and push you to grow further than you ever imagined. Once you receive a passing score of 55 or higher you are eligible to participate in group projects, showcase your work throughout the Hello Storyteller Community social platforms and are eligible to apply for our ELITE Professionals Program that will unlock a whole new creative path you have always dreamed of.

How to Apply

For Photographers: To apply to be a Hello Artist, a gallery of 100 images is required to be submitted through a URL in your Hello Artist application. Your application includes a portfolio review by a select group of Hello Storyteller Educators. Each portfolio will be reviewed and scored privately. A minimum score of 55 or higher demonstrating a unique voice and style, as well as a cohesive and consistent presentation, out of 70 possible points is required to be accepted as a Hello Artist. Once you receive a passing score of 55 or higher you'll be eligible to submit creative content to Hello Storyteller to showcase your work to our community, as well as work closely with our Professional Community to further your journey in creative education, artistic and thought-provoking projects, and a deeper sense of community/family. You will be evaluated and scored in the following categories, with 10 possible points per category:

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