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Freelensing Nikon Style | with Holly Awwad

  1. Lucy says:

    I use a Nikon Z6 mirroless but I don’t have the infinite in my lens

    • meganboggs says:

      What lens are you using? Most Nikkor DSLR lenses have the infinity symbol on the side. However, the new S series lenses for the Z cameras I don’t think have the infinity symbol. In this instance, I would set the lens to manual focus, and then manipulate the focus ring as you are shooting to find your slice of focus. However, it is worth noting that freelensing with a mirrorless camera comes with more risks than a DSLR, since a mirrorless sensor is magnatized. I shoot with the Nikon z6 as well… but for freelensing, I prefer to go back to my D750. ~Holly

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