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The Art of the Collab | with Carley McCaughan

an e-guide to product photography for creatives

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in this course you’ll learn

Do you scroll through those beautiful feeds on Instagram showcasing idyllic settings, cooperative models, and gorgeous products? Are you wondering how on earth one even gets started in product photography, let alone how to do it with creative flare and unique voice? If so, this mini course is the answer to all your questions!

Product photography is a great way to add variety to your portfolio and fuel your creative fire; especially in the slow months. In this mini course, Carley will teach you the art of creative product photography and show you how to collaborate with brands and products you already love and support. Learn how to procure collabs and shoot images that showcase the products beautifully – no fancy equipment required. She is sharing all of her secrets – nothing is off limits!

  • Collaboration: What is it? How do you master it as a photographer? And what does this process look like?

  • “Studio” Creation: Learn how to create beautiful studio settings in your own home.

  • Camera Settings and Light: Learn what camera settings work best to showcase your products and how to leverage natural light in your home.

  • Getting Down to Business: Explore the business side of product photography including rates, contracts, scheduling and client management.

  • Behind the Scenes & Editing Videos: Come along behind the scenes on a lifestyle session where Carley will demonstrate how to naturally showcase product with minimal posing. Also, follow along as Carley walks you through her editing process discussing culling, tones, and adding variety, all while maintaining your unique style.

  • BONUS: Learn how to curate your Instagram feed like a pro!

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expressing your creativity through collaboration

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what’s included:

  • 53-page downloadable e-book

  • behind-the-scenes shooting video showing how to create a gorgeous flat lay

  • 2 editing videos, showcasing both a product shoot and a lifestyle session

  • audio version of the course


  • behind-the-scenes video on how Carley curates her Instagram feed

  • membership to an exclusive Facebook group with Carley!

learn any time – any where


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carley mccaughan

I am the mama behind Our Girlie Little Life. My husband and I currently live in Austin, TX, though our hearts will always be in the Northwest. We have two sassy daughters: Kate is 2 and June is 1. A spoiled golden retriever rounds out our girl gang.

Before my girls came along, I was the right hand woman of a mama-owned children’s boutique where I wore many hats. I was in charge of creating social media content, collaborating with tons of brands, managing online sales AND in store I worked on merchandising, creating beautiful store displays and buying. I recently took a backseat so I could stay at home with my girls and focus on my passion for photography. 

In my free time (haha, I know) you will find me planning shoots, editing and shopping small. Community, kindness, learning and coffee (okay wine too) give me life.



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