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This Was MY Day | by Holly Awwad

  1. TH says:

    I loved what you wrote and this challenge actually got me excited to pick up my camera again after so long of being in a rut!

  2. meredith minor says:

    love it!! thanks for sharing your heart!

  3. Laura Potter says:

    Great job! I love this! I was once in your same position when my youngest son started 1st grade. It was weird having all that time to myself and the house was still and quiet. There’s a lot of phases of growth we go through and I call it “Switching Gears.” Each time life changes I have to switch my gears (thinking patterns) and readjust my thoughts in how to move forward. Change brings growth and I love to move forward. It’s an opportunity to better yourself, kind of like New Years, a new beginning filled with new possibilities. I love this idea of documenting your day. It’s like a self-realization or examination but with documentation! I’m going to take your challenge and try this myself. I’m so glad you initiated this and thanks for your inspiration!

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